2014.09.04 写真1
No.1 学用品・日用品の配布/Distribution of school requirements etc.
2014.09.04 写真2
No.2 センパラ氏と3姉妹/Mr.Sempala and 3 sisters
2014.09.04 写真4
2014.09.04 写真⑤
No.3&4 子どもたちにパンを提供/Provide bread to children
2014.09.04 写真8

2014.09.04 写真6
No. 5&6 子どもたちに鉛筆やノートを提供/Provide pencils and notebook

2014.09.04 写真7
No.7 子どもたちの様子を確認/Seeing the children’s condition

【Diary】Letter from Uganda (Sept. 4th)
CUFI went to Mede village, Gulu from August 25th to 28th. We received a report of the trip.
Please look upward (photo. No.1 to 7)

~~Brief contents of the report~~
They(Children) not only get food and sweet bans, but also pencils and note books to write in when they return back to school. After eating, getting the note books and pencils which was send to us from Japan, the children offered to sing and dance the new song that they had learnt recently with very big smile. They sent their greetings and thanks for all these gifts. And we cleared the school fees of the children that are studying in boarding school. We are so glad that the trip was very successful.